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Kendrick Washington- far right

Maurice Dowdell- far left

Charles Salter-2nd from right side - gray coat

Maquet Robinson - 2nd from the Left

Fernando Allen Carter - In middle


Conroe Brooks, Waylon Karston, Johnny Quevedo

R&B Sensational Recording group -American Award Nominee -Spark of love Hit 1992

Special Generation History Log

Recorded 8 songs on a 25 million sold MC Hammer Album

Special Generation Promotional Tour 92-93-Bust it

MC Hammer Tour -Let's Get it Started -Back ground Singers

MC Hammer Tour -Please HAmmer Don;t Hurt Em -Backgrd Singers

MC Hammer Tour -To legit To Quit-Backgrd Singers

American Music Awards 1992

MTV Music Awards 1992

Oprah Show 93-performed as Bk for Hammer

Party Machine-Nia Peaples -2 times - 1991- 92-As Special Generation

Bob Hope Special 1993-As Back up for Hammer

Arsenial Hall Show 3 times 1990-93-As bk For Hammer

BET Music videos that were in rotation:  Spark of Love, Love me just for me , One Night Lover, You are everything, (Hammers-Tell me have you seen her, Please don't hurt em Movie, 357 coming at ya -Honey , One-cause n effect-Up with hope, One -night lover -SG video, Pray, U-CAN'T TOUCH THIS , many more.

Toured 3 years Domestic , International around the world !

Toured Budwieser Super fest 1991-92 - As Special Generation

Bobby Brown Tour - Humpin 93-As Special Generation

Glady's Night Tour 94-As Special Generation

Manteca,CA Water Slide tour 98-As Special Generation

D.A.R.E.no to drugs Tour 92-As Special Generation

BET Sound Stage / live broad cast 3 times 91-93-As Special G

PEPSI Commercial 1992-As Background Singers for Hammer

British Nike Commercial -Recording Artist Prince - Studio's

Al Hammond, Fready C Tour /TROOP/LL Cool J /Envouge -Tour 91-As Special G.